The Teeth Whitening System that Won Me Over

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Smile Brilliant asked me to test their teeth whitening system for free in exchange for an honest review. To be honest, I was leery about giving it a shot.

I’ve tried multiple whitening products over the years and used every option available to me:
-Whitening strips
-Brush-on, and
-Professional assistance

My quest for a whiter smile came to a hault when I experienced severe pain from keeping 1-hour whitening strips on for minutes too long.

I was traumatized from the episode and decided to swear off at-home teeth whitening kits for good.

Fast-forward to today and I am simultaneously whitening my teeth as I type this post!

Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening will be my go-to for whiter and brighter teeth. Here is why:

Smile Brilliant Aims to Make You Smile!

The customer’s satisfaction is an integral part of Smile Brilliant’s mission. They are confident their product will give you results or your money back.

Their highly rated reviews are proof they go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. I don’t know about you, but when it comes time for me to make a purchase, I always select the brand with the prominent reviews.

When I first opened the box for my teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant, I could tell they wanted to give me the best possible experience.

Every item was perfectly organized and clearly marked so there was no confusion on my part.

The instructions were easy to understand and full of illustrations for visual learners such as myself.

All the tools I needed were neatly arranged in the kit! I just opened the box and was able to get right to work.

There are several whitening options available. Some people only need a light touch up. I personally needed an intense treatment…. thanks to my daily coffee habit ; )

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system

I went with the T9 Sensitive System and it included:
-Professional lab service
-Upper and lower impression trays
-3 sets of impression material (they throw in an extra set for just-in-case!)
-Pre-paid postage to send out your impressions
-Customized upper and lower whitening trays
-27 whitening applications
-27 desensitizing applications (included in the “sensitive” packages)
-Ventilated case to store your trays
-Brush applicator, and
-All the info you could possibly need!

They covered all the bases for me so all I needed to worry about putting the product to use.

Smile Brilliant is an Innovative Teeth Whitening System

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening tray

What made Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening kit so special is their dental impression solution.

When you receive the kit, the first step is making your dental impression to send to a professional lab. As mentioned earlier, they even include a prepaid envelope to make the sending process simple.

I got my impression back within a week and loved how comfortably the mold fit into my mouth!

Unlike most teeth whitening systems, Smile Brilliant provides coverage for every single tooth. Now all of your teeth will actually match in color!

Initially, I was concerned the dental impression would be like most of the bulky trays I used in the past.

Surprisingly, the dental impression was sturdy, lightweight and flexible all at once! It is easy to slip in and out and didn’t make the process as painful as other teeth whitening trays I’ve used in the past..

Smile Brilliant is Convenient and Comfortable

With whitening strips, I had to deal with shifting, leaking, and bubbling to no avail. Is there anything more frustrating then having to constantly adjust a slippery whitestrip in your mouth?

Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening mold stays in place and is hardly even noticeable when wearing it. I could easily go about my day without having to give it much thought.

You could wear the mold anywhere from 45 min-3 hrs, depending on your needs. The best part: The teeth whitening kit includes desensitizing gel!!!

Remember, I had the painful experience from the 1-hour teeth whitening strips that I mentioned in the intro. I was terrified it would happen to me again.

With Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening, I never even had to use the desensitizing gel once. The whitening gel was gentle on my gums!

They suggest you use the teeth whitening at a time where you won’t be tempted to eat, but it can be done at anytime you prefer.

I personally kept my impression in for the minimum suggested time and had great results from it (can’t keep food away from this girl for too long).

Rather than try to explain in words my great results, I’ll just go ahead and show you.

Smile Brilliant before and after

This is after just a few weeks of using the system. I cannot wait to see more improvement with continual use.

I am so grateful I had the chance to use this innovative system. It gave me a smile I can be proud of! There’s something about having white teeth that takes my confidence level up a notch.

Smile Brilliant is Generous

Worried you won’t get the results you were hoping for? Smile Brilliant is so confident with their product, they offer a 45 day money back guarentee and a 2 year warranty.

Know of another whitening system that does that? I certainly don’t!

If you need a little extra push to try it out, they are giving my readers 15% off their purchase storewide!!

Use the promo code at checkout: fromgrittopearl15


Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway

Smile Brilliant is giving all of my followers a chance to win a teeth whitening kit of their own!

Simply click the link here.

Enter your name and email address.

It couldnt be any easier!!!

Good luck ; )



January 20, 2020
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