My 5 Top Tried-and-True Whole30 Recipes

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve decided to jump on the Whole30 bandwagon to give my body a reset. As I write this, I am nearing the end and reflecting on what I’ve learned along the way.

Let me start by saying that this experience did not turn out as expected…not at all. And you know what? I’m glad to say it’s a good thing!

Let me explain…

For one, I was certain I would feel constant hunger. Nope! I never felt a single hunger pang. In fact, I hardly ever experienced cravings! Needless to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with that feature.

Another expectation I had for Whole30 is that I would not lose weight. Because of the amount of fats they want you to consume, I was skeptical. Presently, I have lost 6 lbs. and I still have another week to go!

Lastly, I thought for sure the food would be disgusting. I will be honest with you, I love me some junk food. The thought of eating veggies for every meal made me gag. However, some of the best food I’ve ever had was on the Whole30 program.

Unfortunately, I did waste time and money on a couple of duds. Just because it’s on Pinterest doesn’t make it palatable.

Let me help you get started on the right foot and try this food.

These are recipes I’ll be making on repeat long after my Whole30 journey is over. Bonus: Your entire family will enjoy these meals even if they’re not doing the program with you!

Whole30 Turkey Sweet Potato Chili-Carolina Girl Cooks

Whole 30

I have never been a huge fan of chili. The fact that this is my favorite Whole30 recipe should be a testament of how good this stuff really is!

Personally, I prefer ground beef over ground turkey. No other tweaking needed, in my opinion. Forget the beans forever! I have come to the conclusion that God created sweet potatoes to be the main ingredient in chili. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.

Low Carb, Keto Zuppa Toscana with Cauliflower-Farmstead Chic

Whole 30

Another recipe that took me by surprise was this Zuppa Toscana. I don’t love cauliflower. I don’t love Kale. Regardless, I had 4 bowls of this soup! You will not regret trying this one out, mark my words.

Paleo Sweet and Sour Chicken-I Heart Umami

Whole 30

Have a sweet tooth? This recipe is sure to cure. I didn’t have dried apricots on hand, so I used dates instead. All the odd ingredients you’ll have to buy for this recipe are worth the investment because you will be making this over and over again…for life!

Dump Ranch-Whole Sisters

Whole 30

Ok, so this isn’t a meal but it will definitely take your meal to another level! You’ll be eating lots of salads and this will compliment any “Buffalo Chicken” recipe.

They use full fat coconut milk as the base…genius! I’m never going back to pre-made ranch. Why when you can have a ranch dressing free of additives and diary? I promise you won’t miss what you’ve been using.

Easy Apple Cinnamon Paleo Hot Cereal-Paleo Running Momma

Whole 30

After 3 weeks of eating eggs for breakfast every morning, I had enough. I was desperate for a change and decided to give this recipe a shot… even though I was prepared to be disappointed. Proven wrong once again!

I wouldn’t recommend this for every breakfast because you’re, technically, suppose to keep your fruits and nuts under a certain portion for every meal.

Make sure to include an avocado on the side for your recommended veggie intake!

So Basically…

Start Whole30 with these amazing recipes and you’ll be likely to stay on track for your diet. Not interested in Whole30? Try these recipes anyway! They are the healthiest alternatives to foods we all know and love.

I’ve learned so much about my relationship with food on this program. It’s had such an impact on me that I am now interested in transitioning to a Paleo diet after this (it’s closely related to Whole30).

If you want to hear more about Whole30, give me a shout-out and I’ll be happy to expound on my experience for you!

Want more Whole30 recipes like these? Check out my Whole30 board on Pinterest!

January 25, 2018
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