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“Farm Fresh Christmas Trees” signs seem to be all the rage these days and, I admit, they are pretty adorable. It’s the perfect touch of Christmas for any home!

When I looked into buying one for myself, it didn’t take long for me to realize I couldn’t afford to dump a bunch of money into a sign that I would only have up for a few weeks (and may not even like next year).

For example, I stumbled across Pottery Barn‘s version and was floored by the price…$100.00!!! Ummm…no.

My only solution was to MAKE one for myself. I used Pottery Barn’s sign as my inspiration and went to work creating my own printable and frame.

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign

How to Get This Look:

For my sign, I emailed the PDF to my local Staples and had them create a 24×36 engineer print for…get this..$7. Score!!!

You could also try clicking on the image below, save it, and order it though

I did as well and was impressed with the quality compared to Staples. The only downside was waiting for it to come in the mail.

My husband designed the frame so that I could easily swap out the image whenever I got the hankering.

Since the wood materials cost under $5 and we had the stains and tools on hand, the sign was made for under $12. Can’t beat that!

For the full DIY Sign Tutorial: Farm Fresh Christmas Trees click here!

Because I love you, I made available a free PDF printable for your personal use. No strings attached! Use it however you please. Merry Christmas! : )


Also, keep in mind that the backlight of your screen affects the brightness of the image. When printed, the colors will end up a bit more muted than they appear here.

Comment below if you have any issues or if you need me to tweak anything. I welcome your honest feedback!

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees






December 6, 2017
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